Rich History

In a special place between the Carpathian Mountains and Vrsac plains, where the wild hills intersect with ravines and vineyards are hidden from the world’s view you will find Gudurica, by all means a very unusual village.

In this small mountain village in the middle of the flat Banat plains above which rises the highest peak in Vojvodina, around 15 kilometers north-east of Vrsac for centuries live peacefully 14 different nationalities which have crossed their paths in the complex Balkan routes. And no one asks each other who they are or where they come from as they all focus on one goal – to make exceptional wine.

By the end of the 19th century, Vrsac vineyards were the biggest and most important in the vineyards in Hungary with 10,000 hectares of vineyards. According to the local belief, vines were grown in this area since Roman times, perhaps even earlier.

Love & Tradition Towards Wine

Upravo na ovom mestu, na samom ulasku u Guduricu, nalazi se vinarija Konte Valone, koja se prethodnih 10 godina smatra kao (još) jedan od čuvara vinske tradicije.

A new stage of development of Conte Vallonne started with the construction of a new wine cellar built by the latest standards and with a capacity of 80.000 liters which gives us the right, but also the obligation to put all our skills, effort and experience into obtaining quality wines from our vineyards.